Saturday, March 2, 2019

first and foremost 
what is it that is important to you 
do you keep it hidden
or shout it out to share

what’s at the top of your to do list
do you really care
there in your heart of hearts
what’s the focus of your focus 

are u cruising
to find what’s amusing 
or do u want to  make a difference 
in the time that you are here

cause if you stand up to be counted
if you raise your hand to be heard
your message must be molded
to be delivered without fear

that takes courage
that takes strength 
that means you must love yourself 
and have a little faith   

so if you removed the defenses 
and all the pretended that are fake
and if the soul of you were to speak
what would it have to say

cause you do have the power
to speak your truth
and shine so bright 
it Enlightens others on the way