Tuesday, August 20, 2019

come now fragrance of the soul

let your precious wind

refresh and Renew 

the heart of spirit you hold

may all the callings of the morning doves

echo the voice you speak 

in familiar languages 

that set my cares free

and in the sacred circle where we meet

at the alter place of worship 

please ease my cares 

and in each candle lit

remind me that you are always there

in a breath of light

in a distant frequency I hear

theres a promise that reminds me

of an ancient vow and a prayer   

come now my muse 

bring forth your light

allow me to see the vision 

that inspired my archetype 

and when I am weary

with burdens and cares 

let me feel your presence surround me 

with the robe of protection you give me to wear

come now compassion 

release my many judgements 

so I can be free

to see the good that is awlways present   

when I call on that spark of divinity

that is there inside me   

I welcome your blessings 

I bow to your light 

I thank you God 

for your everpresent love and light