Tuesday, August 27, 2019

looking up at the stars 

in the morning hours before dawn

before I sat down to meditate 

and connect with the same force 

that lights the heavenly sky

and paints the color of the morn

i saw a star grow very bright

explode and then vanish in the sky

and it made me wonder

as I often do

what’s going on out there

and here at that same deeper force inside

we are not static energy 

of that I know for sure

each atom and particle

carries a inner core 

that is alive and then disappears 

to be merged with that spirit

to collide with that invisible energy

and the same breath of Spirit

that caries the life force in you and me

I am hypnotized by the mystery

I am constantly curious 

about what comes next

I watch and wait and wonder

about the world and his journey

into the next dimension

and if we’re ready yet

so I always go back and sit

and everyday I pray

for the world to come into balance

and heal the crises that we have made

for there comes 

for each star and planet  

a time where we will find

the strange driving force of destiny 

needs to be understood and recognized 

are we a planet of peace 

oh no not yet you know

are we going to evolve in time

to learn enough to work together 

before some tyrant goes to far

and takes dangerous steps 

that we can’t control 

the fate of this planet 

has a greater purpose than that you know

so I look up

to the morning sky

I go back inside and meditate

I pray to God to help us

fulfill a higher plan for the human race