Wednesday, August 28, 2019

there are many shades of the light

and what we can see

many colors of life 

in what our soul does reveal

there are moments of Enlightment

where we see Gods true face

and there are still ripples 

sent forth from the frequency created 

by the saviors great grace

and we spin round and round

like a leaf falling 

from the tree of life

as the breath of Spirit

dances through space 

and gently touches the ground

and in time we are merged 

with all the energies here

as one cosmic piece 

of the puzzle of life 

fits into place here 

and then part of bigger pucture appears

and the color and shades of life

are quite marvelous to see

from a higher perspective 

they shine forth in such beauty 

from the angels point of view 

and sometimes we are lost

in the details we create

part of the living out our dream

to reach a higher reality

but who can judge our true fate

there more than we know that awaits

in the shades of light

of Gods mystic embrace