Tuesday, August 6, 2019


bless me with you words so pure

they connect to your heart and soul

let me touch the petals

that from heavens garden grow 

restore my inner commitment 

to serve that love you give to my soul

and let your light shine forth

from the lamp that you still do hold  

for you are the true teacher

you lead us forth to know

the way out of our deep illusions 

through the darkness can sometimes grow 

let me hear your Song of Songs

lift my spirits to find

the way that we should carry on

and still be able to be inspired

and with every tear of sadness 

let us all decide 

to find a better way to live 

and bring more love to humankind

I dedicate the flowers 

and the candle lit so bright

May all those with broken hearts 

be given your gracecifvlive divine 

thank you for giving me key 

to open the door to understand 

that even through our suffering 

there is the presence of a higher plan