Friday, August 9, 2019

So here’s the call for everyday spirituality 

We are such a force for good

Now we have to really get to work in the world

Based on the world events I got this 

in the brilliant light of the rising sun

I saw shadows once hidden

always there now could be be seen

in the time of the bold new dawn 

and this message came to me

and I recognized it so strongly 

when the light increases  

more shadows then are shown

and I realized how each day

I took the time to pray

for more love and light to be in each heart

but in the shadows it can fall apart

and if indeed it’s true 

that as gifts of light

are more abundant in me and you

then now it’s time to figure out

how to handle the darker parts 

we can’t run away and hide

and close our eyes 

for the cry of humanity 

cannot now be denied 

and I realized it’s it is not enough to crave

that feeling of light and love each day

we are to try unify 

and merge the shadow and light somehow

it starts with ourself because 

 we are created with both sides 

the dark and light is alive 

in the ying and yang of all life 

and if we can love ourself and find a way

to share more kindness every day

and realize when the light increases  

more shadows then are shown

it’s just part of the way 

We will have deal

With a new reality 

And with the tools we’ve been shown

There is a way humanity can grow