Sunday, August 11, 2019

i greet this moment as a friend 

I great the majestic mountains  

with love as a familiar reflection of home

i bless the waters of the sacred river

and song she brings all souls

I reach to touch the sky

and bless all the winged ones who fly

as I watch the colors of the clouds float by 

bridging heaven to earth with a sigh

I bow to this holy energy 

that enlightenes us to be

the one who walks through the sacred valley 

and feels the power of the mana

alive here in each breath we breathe 

but here is the hardest part 

to see that in each soul in humanity 

is part of that same majestic energy

waiting for us to just see

that Spirit in form waiting to be free 

such beauty in all life 

is present and can be revealed 

if we are able to greet

this moment we all share  

in such various reflections of energy 

so with a bow i smile and say 

thank you God

for this amazing blessing of this moment 

each and every day