Wednesday, September 11, 2019

the state of our country

reflects the state of our minds

what lies behind the cause 

of this violence thats here in humankind 

what caused 9/11

did we ever decide 

how to stop that ferocious hatred

that goes beyond what TSA can ever find

the world is torn by factions 

and those who would pull us apart

there is no satisfaction 

in the terror sown in our homeland 

and in other countries who lit that spark

I say a prayer everyday  

I look to the God

 to help us to find a better way

and leaders who can face

the challenges of this time and place 

guns upon guns 

death upon death

the war of this insanity

has not been put to rest

what allowed what happened 

18 years ago today 

can that sorrow teach us 

to find the real answers our society faces 

there has to be a better plan 

to heal our broken land

and allow seeds of peace to be planted 

to help grow and overcome 

the challenges faced by our fellow humans

let us pray 

for all those who paid the price

of the burdens of this hate

the silent victims and heroes 

whose lives were taken away

and in their memory 

let’s try to heal that fate

and let the power of love be alive today