Monday, September 9, 2019

chasing after rainbows

sometimes blinded by the light

feeding on the breadcrumbs left 

to guide me to the good in life

past all the divine Rationalizations

is the balance of just being 

able to accept all of that we see 

and smile at the devil in the details 

some say I’m crazy 

and don’t try to deny 

the miracles and visions 

that have blessed me through this lifetime 

perhaps I’m a lover of God

and I’m trying to see the good in all

but it’s not always easy 

to walk that razors edge and not fall

so I go chasing after rainbows

and I watch the morning stars

I see the beauty of Gods reflection 

shine forth through the soul in ours 

and on the other side of the rainbow 

there is a different point of view

as the source of all the brilliant colors

ask us the remember the heaven that awaits

when we believe 

in the power of that love

 that always sees us through