Saturday, September 14, 2019

I feel your presence watching

from that place so very far

I wake up to your calling before dawn 

in the light of the morning star 

I recall the castle walls

that once I felt so safe behind

the echoes of the past 

and lifetime in ancient times 

and perhaps the structures changed

but the soul still here remains 

like the swirling dervish that spins so fast 

it bring down the differences

of what’s now and that time that’s past

which leads me to that star

that watches from afar

and shimmers forth so bright

that I can almost see 

a future time

and you know I feel your presence 

for there is that bond we made

and there is a reunion promised

once this karma is burned away

and somewhere there’s a meeting 

when this journey is all done

and so I wait for loves sweet greeting

when we merge again as one