Sunday, September 15, 2019

take the blinders off your eyes

and look for a moment 

at the beauty of life in astonishment 

 in wonder of being alive 

put aside Maya’s lies 

and embrace the magic that’s alive 

that is given to you

as a gift from God divine

remove the limitations

let go of your fear

say yes to your true worth

that’s alive and present here

there is a joy in being   

a part of a great plan

as one of the torch bearers of truth 

you can help the world to understand 

it doesn’t take any money 

you don’t need to sign a deal

just make an inner commitment 

and dedicate your self to be 

present in this moment 

right here and right now

say yes to that light you are

and share some loving kindness 

and let that big soul of yours

break out in a smile