Thursday, September 19, 2019

Star catchers 

And fallen angels

Feathers left behind

bring Answers that are unanswered 

and Superb Questions 

Unnerved by the masters 

knowing smile

they say Stars are bubbling free

out of our black hole

how do they even do that 

and what’s their destination is

has not been revealed 

and is still unknown 

receivers that can listen in 

to conversations the universe holds

someone heard them laugh 

at what we still don’t know

there are circles round the moon

and moonbows that radiate on through

with traces of the stardust

in a halo that crowns our unseen side 

and somewhere in the distance 

there’s a stirring of the spirit wind

a rustling of the ones who’ve past over 

and wait for us to join them again

and they see the star catchers

and dream makers

and the angels that abide 

and who take there parts so seriously

as God laughs and understands with love

as the children of Earth unearth 

strange clues that are undefined 

while video games decide what we hide

yes we live in such strange times  

while AI plans out our holographic life 

and the fallen angel STILL remembers the secret

and the starcatcher hears the universal song

but there is no app to explain to us 

what in the world is really going on