Wednesday, September 18, 2019


a white petal floats on the water

reflected in a beam of light

the moon dances across the expanse of sky

a shadow of its ancient life 

Reflected in a dew drop 

On a a blade of grass so high

and we are reflections of creation 

we are petals from where garden dwells

and we can dive into the water

and offer flowers to Honor

the love we share as well

reflecting words 

from the book of life 

saying prayers from the master 

that once were teachings 

guiding us from darkness to light 

rainbows thrown from heavens flight 

to touch our heart 

from the Soul of life 

and reflect back here we find 

but when we behold the Source

when we’ve run our course

we are no longer seeing reflections

 but are merged with the one force

the creator of this dream  

that opens up the door 

to light behind infinity