Monday, October 7, 2019

the ship is in the harbour

it’s only here for a day or two

and the clock is ticking out

and there is so much left to do

a star shines down upon me

its waiting as I pray

for God to help to help me see

what must be done today

and there are just a few clocks  

that really tick

exceot on 60 minutes

and recordings that are digitally correct 

but it’s nice to have reminders

some innate pressure we commit

and once it was the sands of time

and the hourglass that would remind 

on how much time we can fit

into what we experience with it

and the ship is in the harbor 

only for a day or two

it doesn’t stay too long

and there’s so much left we need to do

so we take a lot of pictures

to make memories 

we hope not to forget

for life slips quickly through our fingers

and we must make the most of it 

so have some good times 

and breathe in the sublime

share a little smile 

and try to make your life worthwhile