Wednesday, October 9, 2019

sometimes the simplest of gifts 

come unexpectedly

in a sweet smile that we find 

a gentle word of support

can mean so much 

and make a difference in your life 

we all want to believe

it’s a wonderful world

for we hold spirit of creation

deep in our dna

but when we see all the hate and violence

it makes us doubt 

our world and question 

if good will find a way 

but when we look at the beauty 

of a sunrise lit in golden rays

and when we walk in nature

there is a blessing of healing that unfolds 

there are these simple gifts of life

that keep our love alive

to help us to belief

that God is good 

all the time 

 look for the limitless light

that lifts your heart and mind

find the beauty that is present

and feed it with gratitude for being alive