Monday, October 28, 2019

there are times when we wonder 

if it’s really worthwhile

at those times I turn inward

and find some spark that still shines

you never know who you’ll touch

when you speak from your soul

it’s all an act of faith

that is offered in the alter of life 

as a seed to flourish and grow 

there may be a chord that resonates

and someone who cares what we write 

perhaps there’s a smile

or others with whom are thoughts are shared

you throw a pebble in the water

and let the ripples go

you say a silent prayer

and hope the circle 

finds its way home

and sometimes you’re granted 

a little reward 

a kind comment or emoji

that touches your heart

and your faith is restored 

so why do writers write

and why do creators create

what makes musician play

what’s really the cause of our fate

what’s the motivation behind 

this strange inspirations game    

we find this endless supply of energy

that is more important than fame 

I think we are fed

by Spirit great muse

and must try to capture it

before that concept we lose

and we know it’s not us 

that decides how we choose

this inner force that finds a home

in the messenger that comes on throug