Tuesday, October 29, 2019

there is something 

to which we all relate

there is a similarity 

in all of our DNA

A Frequency

some inner decency

an energy is the same i

we can all feel a smile

we can sense what is worthwhile

it’s contagious 

and it takes us 

to a inner place 

that face to face 

that lets us know

that it’s ok

there is a goodness 

present in the human race

that presents a space 

of Gods great Grace 

that lifts us to a better place

and throughout all countries

no matter what your name or game

there’s a spark of spirit that relates

 soul to soul

face to face 

there’s a human presence that we claim

that energy of goodwill 

in all of us is the same

so here’s a smile from my soul

sent from me to you