Wednesday, October 30, 2019

reach out 

when you need a hand

find a way to believe

there are others out there

who can help

and there is grace and mercy 

if we are open to receive

look up to the heavens

seek and you shall find

there are so many people working 

for the good of humankind

we all have times of challenges

it’s seems the world’s a testing place

a daily school of learning

and we must work together 

to help save the human race

but one thing is for certain

this I know is true

you are not alone my friend

there’s others out there 

who always can help you 

find a way to get on through

reach out 

when those burdens get too heavy

take a moment 

to pray to God and believe

there is the power of goodness 

that is waiting there 

if you are open to receive