Wednesday, November 6, 2019

behind the words 

is where the heart lies

scarred and pleading

to not be denied

behind the heart 

in the souls eyes

knowing the reasons

that you just rationalize 

we can cover up our body

we can dress up and hide

we can distract ourselves 

with so many things

but sooner or later 

we reach a point

where we can not deny

this magic mirror of life 

reflects back so many clues

this endless moment that waits

for us to find it 

if we but choose

and then there that meeting

of who we really are

and what we’ve covered up

stands naked behind the closet door 

to be accepted and accounted for 

and the heart feels all the heartache 

and soul knows and stands by 

giving you the strength

to dive deeper into why

you can have new life 

when you accept yourself

and who you are 

the truth of truths is waiting 

and you come face to face

with a love that can embrace 

what’s behind all the words 

is the beauty of Gods amazing grace