Thursday, November 7, 2019

Everytime i think I’ll fly

Away above these rainbow skies

Something bids me to stay awhile 

To wait again 

For Just one more day

Because there’s more

Always one more reason why

One more thing to do and say

Til its time for me to fly away

Before The details can be known 

And The whys and hows are yet unsown

Comes a promise found in OM

To dwell here on this earth zone

But oh The merging of the dream

And mayas intricate reality

That weaves this mystic scheme

In a web so very exteme

It wraps up the whole package

Of what we think we need

Until one day we see

That there is more to be

Just one more door

Til we cross over to that other shore

And ancient memories that echo forth

In clues that resonate in cosmic frequencies 

In light years from another time

in some different form so sublime 

And i seem to remember

the Masters smile 

As he looked so deep into my eyes 

 And i heard these words come forth

seek and ye shall find

But wait there's more

So much more