Friday, November 8, 2019

do you believe 

in your self

with all of your heart

or do you waver on the edge

can you dive into the depths 

of being alive

and all that you have to accept 

or do you hide away instead  

what does it take to be present

and whole hearted 

to face what it takes 

to live your life at your best

or do you prefer

to fly under the radar

going so low 

that your invisible instead 

there’s a big difference

between being fully engaged

playing the this life game 

instead of hiding away

do you think it’s all worth it

or just point the blame  

but sometimes it takes getting out there

and giving all that it takes

with not just the mind 

but all of your heart

with God there by your side 

giving life a chance

letting your true self shine bright 

be fearlessly engaged

whatever risks you need to take

laughing at life in the face

and living your souls role 

on this strange life’s stage