Tuesday, November 12, 2019

the full moon shines

with depth of Scorpio’s shadow of light

I taste the nectar of its magic

and bow to it’s powerful hold

To dive deeper into the unknown 

The path often calls us 

To stop and listen 

To pause and see

Where in the world we are 

and what it is we really need

And we can reach high 

to try to touch the moonlight

And we can breathe in 

The ripples of the Halo of its dark rainbow 

encircled in this circle 

Of Stars that watch over the same skies 

from a different perspective of life 

we are born of the identical essence 

That lights the moon, the sun and the stars 

That source That gave us breath 

And the grace of being 

alive in this mystery 

recognizing it’s gift of moonlight

and the moment 

where we can stop 

and be with it