Friday, November 15, 2019

I love how the light plays

Through the clouds

Reaching far across the skies 

Reaching me here to feel such gratitude

 for the beauty present in this life

radiant rays Stretch through to me 

from the sun and far beyond

Changinf colors that display

The glory of what’s to come 

I love how the light plays

And when it dances through water

All the splashes that enlighten

The transparencies of life

I am that light

I speak that language 

That lifts me to see

such a mystic transparency

I love how the light

touches my soul

and reminds me of that dwelling place

there in my true home

and the light in all its frequencies

has a universal language  

that through us speaks 

and when the light of Christ is seen

it can shine with a love

that with Grace can redeem

to all lovers of the light  

to all lovers of the Lord

to all those on the lighted path   

May you open that enlightened source