Sunday, March 9, 2014

The End Game

The End Game

What if you were able to see your entire life
As an amazing opportunity
To learn, to grow, to become better, and renew
A constant exchange love in what you say and do.

With no blame and no attachment
To what the outcome was
Just a lovely spinning dance of light
That embraces and releases you

We are all created from God’s energy
We are all gifts of creation living here
Discovering what’s inside the package
And finding it’s a very precious pearl

And we polish and refine it
Until it shines so very bright
as a reflection of the God within
a true miracle of this life

And so you can let go
Of any resentment and blame now
And understand the choices made
Are all a part of the process somehow

And you have lived, and you have loved
And you have learned so much in time
And this life was such a precious gift
That was given to you to understand 
And it goes on and on you find

And so you can forgive your self
 for what you did and didn’t do
and accept yourself when you see the end game
as a great blessing given to you