Friday, March 7, 2014

the Memory of God

The Memory of God

Is it the living breathing now
Or a memory of God
that drives me on

I remember this love,
I remember this promise
I remember this forgiveness
I tasted such exquisite bliss

Is it all here now
Or has it faded softly
Into the sunset of the gentle days end

Once the chances called so boldly
To me when I was young
I’d do anything, try anything, give anything
Just to prove what I did know

But I think you’re waiting for me
I think that you are there
Across the limits of a lifetime
That was a chance to get it all done here

Everything I know says you are here somewhere
Buried underneath the breath of distractions and pain
in the climax at the end of lifetime
when the screen credits are all that remain

DId I ever think to save a little
 for the final end game
Or did I throw it all away
As I tried my best to live out this life you gave.

Is it a living memory that brings me back to you                                       
To hope and pray to pay my dues
And now I’m getting old
And I only have a few good years left
To complete my purpose that I came to do

So set me straight God
And let me get it out
So I can say I did all I could do
So I can be ready to return to you.