Tuesday, March 4, 2014

we all want to be loved

We all want to be loved
This it seems we all know
Yet it takes so much to find that love
And when we do to let it show

And sometimes through grace
We find a way to see
The beauty of love expressed in life
So we really believe that it is true

That when this life is seen with compassion
For what  what  we all have to do
We can let go of all the judgments
And the defenses we put up to get us through

Oh then to just love this life we have
And to forgive all that pain we knew
And find the real solution to the drama
that’s a just a shadow of the truth

and  when we learn to let the judgments go
and to love this live we lead
and we can overcome that Ego
and the battles that it needs

so we can see through the eyes of love
and we can try to understand
we all just want to be loved
and that’s at the heart of everything we do

see through the eyes of love
and let it be your heart that views
the life you life is beautiful
it is your precious gift  God gave to you