Thursday, April 3, 2014

the soul speaks

My soul speaks to me
It whispers in the morning trade winds
It carries the grace of the colors of morning
And I become the clouds that drift by

I hear the music of life speak to me
And my heart listens
To the power of the world emerging
with the hope of life speaking in the song it brings

pure bright spirit
you carry the love that shines so bright
with the beauty is so strong and intoxicating
that it smiles to my soul and sings

and asks me to be the listening one
and so here I am
wishing to hold on to this moment
wondering how long the song will last in me

and when the grace of being laughs
I realize that it never ends
For there is a pure channel of energy
That carries us through this river of life

And we are but drop of water
In the river of the whole of the universe
As it manifests as life
With the magic of this brilliant dancing light

My soul calls to me
To take the time to find
The way to enjoy this miracle
Of being here and now in this dancing breath of life