Friday, April 4, 2014

Strong Brave Heart

Strong, Brave and Beautiful
Is this heart of hearts inside that speaks
And asks to be listened to
And begs to be heard and set free

with thoughts with blossoms so fragrant
That are carried by angels wings
They light the flame in my soul
And fuel these words I hear

and life and time water
 the seeds that will find a way grow
to  find the One true source creation
alive in purpose of my soul

with a destiny that feeds t
he pulse of the visions I see
That resonates in the echoes of this life
And is the reason to find this love the soul needs

 let the flower blossom in the light
To find some beauty in expression  of the reason why
We need to hear the heart and soul
To fulfill our purpose in a given time

Strong ,Brave Heart
I feel your need and I hear your prayer
I breathe the spirit to fuel the fire
That lights the power to be shared without fear

I listen in the secret silence inside
And I hear the music you bring
And I will follow the path to where it leads
To the joy its message promises me

Strong Brave heart that’s alive in inspiration
And is the master’s gift that lights the beacon home
guide me on when the shadows come near the end of day
To open my heart to your power be alive in me today