Sunday, May 13, 2012

Love at the Heart of it all

We honor the Mother
And the giving, nurturing, nature of unconditional Love,
A love that gives life and the spirit of caring
that is carried in the Heart of Love.

For in the heart of this love is the seeing of the soul,
And the good that we all carry there.
And in seeing that good we see the God within the other,
And so feed the potential of that good in the other.
And in feeding that good
We heal that pain and sorrow that comes in life
 by believing in the other
and in healing what is at the heart of that deep pain
that comes when we can’t live as we dreamed we could.

By believing in the other and ourselves
We allow ourselves to accept and forgive
So that we can be made whole.
so that we may Give and receive
And receive so that we may give.

For as we give we forgive,
We release the pain so love may pour through us
As a chalice held to heaven
an eternal fountain of life.
That carries the gift of believing
 that we are lovable and loving,
and when we believe we are lovable and loving
we can be loved.

So love is at the Heart of it all,
A love that heals,
A love that understands,
A love that lives as it gives,
Believes as it receives,
And so brings life to love
And love to life.
And so we honor the Mother.